Add Meta Tags for SEO

Ask any first generation Web developer who used to add meta tags to their Websites years ago, and they would give you a completely different take on what the best meta tags for SEO were. These days, living in a post Panda and Penguin Google Web environment, when you add meta tags to your Website they will be lacking a couple of the key fields that used to be the optimal meta tags for SEO.


Add Meta Tags – The Best Meta Tags for SEO

Google Optimization Mea Tags for Google

Google’s recent release of its Penguin pretty much killed off any remnants of latent attempts to add bad meta tags which attempted to trick Google for sites looking to rank at the top of SERPs (search engine ranking pages).

The most important difference when you add meta tags today is the absence of the meta tag keyword field which used to be used for keyword stuffing (a black hat SEO technique). So if you’re looking to add meta tags to your Website it’s important that you follow along with the rules below so that you add meta tags will be properly optimized.


Add Meta Tags to your Website Header

Do Meta Tags MatterMeta tags are added into the header of your Website’s code, in between the <head> opening tag and the </head> closing tag. When you add meta tags, these are the ones that you’ll need to need to add for get the best performance of your Website’s meta tags for SEO. The example below shows how I add meta tags along with other tags such as the <title> tag which is what Google looks at for the page title.


How to Add Meta Tags for SEO (Example)

In the example below, I would recommend that you add Meta tags for SEO that look like the following.


<title>Page Title Here… Should Contain Keywords (70 Characters Max)</title>

< meta name=”description” content=”Add Meta Tags for SEO Description field here with Website keywords (160 Characters Max)”>

< meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=UTF-8″>



You can also add meta tags that specify and instruct Google bot to do different things such as not to follow links on the page, tell it that it’s in a different language other then English, verify ownership for Google Webmaster tools, and so on. However, when you add meta tags for SEO, the best meta tags for SEO are the ones listed above. When you add meta tags for SEO make sure that you stay within the constraints of max characters as described above when you add meta tags or the search engines will cut off some of your description and title tag.




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Add Meta Tags for SEO: Incoming Keywords

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Attraction Marketing System


Attraction Marketing System

An attraction marketing system is a new take on an old concept of marketing by providing value on the front end. Marketers with deep pockets used to be the only ones who afford to engage in attraction marketing until the dawn of the Internet.

… the Internet changed everything

A system for attraction marketing is a way that you can provide value to people that attracts them to you so that you are no longer prospecting.

Big companies like Tide and Crest used to do this by sending out guidebooks on how to get the best clothes washing done, or how to remove stains from your clothing, and even the best ways to brush your teeth.

By providing these guides that were expensive to print, they made themselves authorities, attracting potential customers to them.

With the Internet, however, everyone can engage in and implement an attraction marketing system, today. If you’re in MLM or Network Marketing and you don’t have an attraction marketing system, then you’re most likely not producing the leads or getting the results that you first expected.

This small guide will explain the secrets behind an attraction marketing system and explain how you can use it to get leads & sales today…


Attraction Marketing System Secret #1

No more prospecting

The biggest frustration that modern day network marketers and MLM marketers have is finding leads. Without leads you have no business, because you’ll have nobody to sell to.

No more prospecting.

An attraction marketing system allows you to market and not prospect. What does this mean? The system provides you with resources and the knowledge to make leads come to you instead of you trying to seek out and find them.

Gone are the days of chasing down family and friends.

If you’ve been trying to hunt down and chase leads then you’re most likely pretty frustrated right now with the industry. Have you had enough?

It’s important not to quit and not to become the 97% in the industry that throw up their hands and give up. By implementing the proper attraction marketing system you open the flood gates to be able to produce endless amounts of leads by attracting instead of prospecting.


Secret #2: Provide Value

The reason why the attraction marketing system model works is because it pre-sells your customers or leads by providing value before there’s ever even anything to sell or for them to buy from you.

What does this mean?

Providing value is one of the best ways of setting yourself up as an authority. When you know the answers to something or you know how to do something and you can instruct people on the same, then you’ve just provided value.

Is providing value hard?

Providing value can be hard without the right attraction marketing system. Of course, you’ll need to be able to do research and write unique content laden articles but aside from that having an attraction marketing system with ready to go value and content is essential for making money in the business from day one.

An existing attraction marketing system like this one will help you to provide value with pre-built videos and content that you can send via social media, email campaigns or any other medium you desire.

Without a system like this, no matter what your primary opportunity is, you will struggle.


Secret #3: Generating Leads

What makes the system for attraction marketing so great is its capability to generate an incredible amount of leads no matter what type of MLM business you’re in. This is terrific for anyone out there in the MLM or network marketing industry that’s frustrated with their ability to produce good, high quality leads.

Remember, it’s not just how many leads you produce, it’s the quality of those leads that’s important as well. An effective attraction marketing system provides you with the capability to produce high quality leads in high volumes.

Think about it this way and ask yourself a few questions. How long have you been in MLM or network marketing and how many leads have you produced? Probably not very long and not very many, however, an attraction marketing system changes the entire game.

Every top producer that you see in MLM or network marketing utilized an attraction marketing system at some point to get their businesses off the ground and most of them still do today.

Click here to start generating more leads today >> 


Secret #4: Proven Sales Funnel

Attraction marketing systems provides you with a proven sales funnel. It doesn’t matter if you already have one with your existing network marketing or MLM business, this is different.

The sales funnel in an attraction marketing system is pre-built to target an audience that is already very interested in network marketing and MLM and is looking for ways to increase their leads and sales.

What’s a sales funnel?

If you’ve never heard of a sales funnel (or marketing funnel as it’s also referred to) it’s a system that allows you to bring in the leads, then communicate with those leads in order to produce sales.

Of course, you could go out there and setup your own sales funnel with custom squeeze pages and auto-responders, but this takes a lot of work.

The attraction marketing system provided here does all of this for you, all you need to do is “direct traffic” with the pre-built value systems in place.


Secret #5: Sale through Attraction

The last but not least secret to an attraction marketing system is for its ability to make the sale for you. Of course, there is some work in directing people to the value added components of the system, and ensuring that you’re engaging in the marketing taught by the system.

In network marketing or MLM marketing most people are sold on the notion of being able to very quickly skyrocket their income however, that’s usually not the case. Without having the right attraction marketing system most frustrated marketers are simply left scratching their heads.

Begin generating sales through the right attraction marketing system and see just how much of a different attraction marketing will make to your ability to generate more quality leads on a consistent basis.

By attracting customers to you, instead of chasing after them, you’ll see just how much of a difference it feels to be in network marketing and MLM marketing. Once all the hype dies off, most people throw up their hands and quit.

Don’t be one of those people. Try attraction marketing today!

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Empower Network Review


empower network review

Empower Network Review - no matter where you look, they all seem to say the say thing, right? However, are you sure that you’re reading between the lines?

Let me explain…

The Empower Network, and its top producers are part of a growing trend of online network marketing and MLM marketing businesses that are driven by the power of the Web’s reach and sheer volume of consumers. However, if you’ve never tried to enter into an Internet marketing business like this one, is the Empower Network right for you.

Let’s see….

This Empower Network Review really isn’t meant for anyone who isn’t serious about making money on the Internet. Today, with the scope and number of people that are constantly trafficking the Internet, your capability in making money online is nearly unlimited. However, you have to ensure that you truly harness the power of proven leaders in order to take advantage of this 24/7 lifeline of consumerism.


My Empower Network Review

I wanted to write this Review of the Empower Network in order to dispel any ideas or notions out there that may be confusing for someone looking to join the Empower Network today. For you to be successful with the Empower Network here’s what you have to do:


#1 – Be Motivated

It’s important that you be highly motivated if you’re considering joining the Empower Network. Without a high level of motivation, you won’t have what it takes to truly make your Empower Network blog a success. No matter what Empower Network Review you read, high motivation is going to be an important factor for anyone considering to enter the business.


#2 – Blog Daily

You have to blog every single day and get into the habit of blogging so that you can work on driving traffic to your blog. Not only do you have to blog daily, but you have to blog from an SEO point of view, meaning you need to do the proper keyword research before putting your blog out there so that you know whether or not you can compete with the top spots on Google. I don’t think you’ll read any Review on the Empower Network that doesn’t express the importance of blogging every single day.


#3 – Immerse in Personal Development

It’s important to immerse yourself in personal development while you’re with the Empower Network. When I was first starting out I searched forever for as many reviews about the Empower Network that I could find and once I realized how much of a life changer the business was, I knew it was because of the personal development. You have to be willing to learn and change and evolve and that’s one of the things that the Empower Network brings to you.


#4 – Market Daily

If you know nothing about marketing, that’s okay, the system teaches you, however, you have to ensure that you commit to marketing and do it everyday. If you’re reading this Empower Network Review and you’re thinking that this will be a cake walk for you, well although it’s not brain surgery it does require consistent action each and everyday. If you can do that then you’ll succeed with the Empower Network.



Empower Network Compensation Plan

A lot of people are curious about the Empower Network Compensation Plan and some are confused by it. Basically it works like this:


  • You sign up for Empower Network and pay the $25/month fee for the viral blogging platform, and the $19.95/month fee to be able to process credit cards through Empower Network. The $19.95 is a mandatory fee if you want to resell the Empower Network products, however, every time you signup a customer to the Empower Network that $25/month goes directly to you. So, after you have just one customer, the system is free except for the $19.95/month affiliate charge. Two customers and the system begins paying you back.
  • You can also opt to join the Inner Circle membership at $100/month and each time someone on your team joins the Inner Circle, you get $100/month so just one customer and this pays for itself.


  • Other products that you can sell are one-time fees for $500, $1000, and $3500 but these are also revolutionary breakthrough personal development products on their own.


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Empower Network Review: Incoming Keywords

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Article Marketing Tips


article marketing tips

Effective Marketing Tips for your Articles

Article marketing tips are the source of much discussion throughout the Internet today. While everyone has an opinion on what the best article marketing tips are, the practice of article marketing on the Internet essentially boils down to search engine optimization (SEO).


What you’re trying to do when marketing an article, is to have that article appear in online searches for your keyword. However, we all know how difficult it is today to rank on Google with all the competition and recent changes. For this reason, it’s important that you understand some of the foundational article marketing tips that are the basis to ranking your content on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).


If you’ve been on the hunt for the best article marketing tips, then a full and complete understanding of what it takes to research, write and market an article can be found in one of the best SEO books on the market today, The SEO Black Book, available on Amazon Kindle.


Anytime you engage in a craft such as marketing an article online, it’s important to not only have some good article marketing tips, but to have a foundational understanding of how and why a piece of content ranks the way it does.


Additionally, by harnessing some of the more advanced tools used by SEO specialists, you can take your article marketing to a whole new level and get noticed at the top of SERPs for your specific keywords related to your content.


Be sure to check out The SEO Black Book on Amazon today for all the latest and advanced article marketing tips


Tip #1: Keyword Research

Being able to conduct effective keyword research is one of the most important steps involved in these article marketing tips. Without understanding the competitive landscape and search volume, you won’t have a target to aim at and you won’t know whether or not you’ll be able to rank at the top of a search.


Of course there are many different factors that go into marketing an article online, however, excellent article marketing tips will always include effective keyword research.


To conduct keyword research, you can utilize the Google Keyword Tool from the search giant itself to research and find the proper primary keyword to use in your article. You can find the Google Keyword Tool by clicking here.


When searching for a primary keyword to write your article about be sure that you first understand what you’re going to write about. Once you know the intended content, do a search for the keyword that you’re targeting. The Google Keyword Tool will return results to you along with suggestions based on the input you provide.


What you’re looking for when doing keyword research is for a keyword that has LOW competition along with a HIGH search volume. This is the best method for keyword research because you are targeting a keyword that you will be able to rank well for as long as all the other article marketing tips are properly adhered to.


Tip #2: Writing Unique Content

There’s nothing that Google, and the other search engines, like better then unique well-researched content. This second part of the article marketing tips guide here is almost as important as the first part for properly researching keywords.


With the rise in competition on the Web, Google has gotten very picky. It’s looking for content that provides value and that is unique. If you attempt to put duplicate content out there you face low rankings if none at all (use CopyScape.com to check for duplicate content).


For this part of the article marketing tips to work you need to ensure that you know what you’re talking about and do the proper research before setting out to write your article. If you’ve never written before, then outsourcing may work for you, but just understand that this is one of the most important elements in the article marketing tips so learning to write well should be a primary objective to you.


Once you understand what you’re going to be writing about and you’ve done the proper research, put together an article that is no shorter then 500 words and no longer then 1200 words. An optimal number to shoot for is 1000 words but you don’t have to hit this exactly.


For more specific information on how to write good content and the additional steps needed for brainstorming and approaching the content writing part in these article marketing tips, check out The SEO Black Book on Amazon today.


Tip #3: On-Page Optimization

You’ve most likely heard of the term, On-Page Optimization. This is the optimization of everything related to SEO regarding your article on the actual article itself (on your Website or an authority site where you’re preparing the article).


To achieve the proper on-page optimization for your article several factors need to be addressed, one such factor being the article’s keyword density. Keyword density refers to the number of times your primary keyword appears in your content versus the number of total words in your content. You should be aiming for a keyword density of  roughly 2% to 5%.


Other factors involved in on-page optimization of your article is having your primary keyword appear in your title tag, your meta description, page headings, along with the proper keyword styling.


If you’re using a system like WordPress, I highly recommend that you download and install this plugin in order to be able to automate much of this process. Without this plugin you will have a lot of difficulty managing your on-page optimization on your own since the basic WordPress installation does not provide for functionality such as specific SEO titles, and meta description.


For a full listing of on-page optimization factors check out The SEO Black Book


Tip #4: Pinging your URL

Once you’ve done the hard work to put the content out there, make sure that Google crawls that content quickly by pinging it. You can ping your URLs for free on a service like Pingler.


This is a vital stage in the article marketing tips because you want your content to get crawled as quickly as possible and indexed by the search engine. By placing a ping request you’re essentially telling Google to go out, seek that content and index it in its search engine results.


Of course, once the URL is pinged, Google will set about doing it’s work by running the content through its algorithms so be sure that you followed along with the first three article marketing tips in this guide by doing the proper keyword research, writing unique content and optimizing your page for on-page SEO elements.


Pinging also comes into effect when you’re building mass links back to your content. Did you know that Google only crawls 5% of pages that have low page rank or no page rank at all?


So if you’ve gone out there and built up and purchased lots of links back to your content, say on a site like Fiverr.com, you want to make sure that those links get crawled and indexed. What’s the use of building 5,000 links back to your page that never get crawled? None of course!.


Use a service like Linklicious to ping up to 2,500 links for free per day.


Tip #5: Building Authority Backlinks

The last, but not least, part of these article marketing tips is to build authority back to your content. What does it mean to build authority? Authority is when you get other sites that have high page ranks linking back to your content, preferably with your keyword.


The best places to build authority on the Internet are on sites that have high page ranks. Of course this includes any of the major social media Websites such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, but it also extends into sites like YouTube, Squidoo, HubPages, and of course, SlideShare.


There is work involved in building authority backlinks, and the best kind of authority backlinks are the kind that themselves are unique content with the primary keyword linking back to content on your own page.


This gets into a fairly advanced discussion of SEO as it relates to article marketing tips in building something called link pyramids. However, the essential message to take away from these article marketing tips is to always be producing unique content everywhere you can.


Also, it’s important to note that Google loves videos. And there’s nothing better then going out and shooting videos with valuable content and information that then links back to your own content on your site.


For a full understanding of the tips, strategies and techniques for marketing your articles online check out The SEO Black Book on Amazon.


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MLSP Review: Incoming Keywords

Article Marketing Tips

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MLSP Review


MLSP ReviewDeconstructed, debugged and analyzed, this MLSP review focuses on the system that’s become widely known as one of the leading generic lead generation systems for the MLM industry today.

Whether you’re new to MLM or you’ve been around for a little while, you may or may not have heard of MLSP, the company that’s the focus of this MLSP review. Now operating in it’s 5th year of business, MLSP has revolutionized lead generation for frustrated network marketers.

Prior to joining My Lead System Pro, I too searched out every MLSP review that I could find in hopes of truly enhancing my understanding for the business. At the time, I was frustrated beyond belief, spinning my wheels trying to generate leads and kept running into brick walls.

I was committed to the industry and was working hard at my primary network marketing opportunity but wasn’t producing the results I wanted at first. After probably reading my 5th review on MLSP I was finally sold on the concept and figured at that point, why not I didn’t have much to lose.


My MLSP Review

I’m writing this MLSP review because of how much the company revolutionized my capability and ability to generate leads on a consistent basis. However, these weren’t just any leads, these were laser targeted, focused leads that can only come from having an attraction marketing system like MLSP working for you.

Gone are the old days of having to chase down family and friends, prospecting, and conducting home meetings, and here are the new days of attracting, marketing and no selling.

If you’re a frustrated MLM or network marketer, MLSP brings a vault of 200+ videos from the top producers in the industry teaching you how to literally do everything. I can’t stress enough how much, in this MLSP review, the business has revolutionized not only my ability for lead generation, but also my general outlook on Internet Marketing.

I used to think that Internet Marketing wouldn’t work for me after the initial hype and excitement died off after getting started and getting frustrated and spending more money then I should have at the time. Ever since I’ve been able to produce leads, however, pretty much on demand, I’ve finally been able to make the sales I was hoping to make.


Review of MLSP: What do you Get

With MLSP you get a system that works for you to attract other frustrated marketers by providing value to them. If you read any other MLSP review, you may have heard the term attraction marketing system there as well, but that’s precisely what MLSP is. It’s a proven attraction marketing system that’s basically ready, out of the book white labeled for you.

However, I just wanted to stress in this MLSP review, that not only is MLSP an attraction marketing system that’s also an industry training mega-vault of information, but it’s also a huge online community of like-minded marketers looking to help one another gain footing and understanding for what works in the business and what doesn’t.

Additionally, I wanted to be clear in my MLSP review that MLSP on its own is not a system for generating income. It’s a system for generating leads for your primary network marketing company. Although you can use it on its own to generate leads and get paid for people that sign up through MLSP, the real purpose of it is to get your MLSP leads to join your primary network marketing business.

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MLSP Review: Incoming Keywords

MLSP Review

* My Lead System Pro Review

* MLM Pro Review

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